How I Became a Friend Matchmaker

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If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I love my friends.

While I can cite countless whining sessions that have turned into ‘what the hell was I even worrying about’ sessions because of the support of my friends, the biggest gift my friends have given me is the inspiration to be a better person. Yes, I will hold while you applaud at your computer.

I can’t help but think that if only I were more selfless like Cary, genuine like Kimberly, open-minded like Collin, charming like Vince, thoughtful like Julie, funny like Becky, or patient like Calvin, I would be the perfect person. Experiencing life with a group of such kick-ass people has made me feel like George Clooney in Ocean’s Eleven, ready to restore faith in friendship and watch an elaborate water show afterwards.

It’s Hard to Make Friends as an Adult

Amen! My first encounter with the problem started when my friends started moving away. No worries, I thought, I’ll just make more friends like I used to. Oh wait, I have been out of school for 3 years and I no longer live in the dorms. Next option! Co-workers. Since I worked at a risk management firm at the time, I rarely worked with people my age. Next option! Events. I went to event after event only to have spurts of awesome 5-minute conversations that were not enough to develop a solid base for a potential friend date. Leave with no new friends. Sound familiar?

FriendTailor: Figuring out Friend Matchmaking

With two friends by my side, we interviewed friends, family, and anyone who was willing to talk to us about their friend finding experience and read up on books about friendship. We learned a couple of things:

1) Making friends is a problem that people from all walks of life struggle with.

2) There are enormous physical, mental, and emotional benefits of having friends.

3) Existing solutions for meeting friends were not getting to the core of compatibility.

Within 3 months, we tested out a new concept for making friends, customized friend matchmaking. We got testers to try out the process, interviewing them in-person, figuring what qualities were important to them in a new friend, and matching them to a new friend. 50 beta testers in, we created FriendTailor, a friend making service that matches customers with potential friends based on in-person interviews.

(Check out the service here! If you are located in San Francisco and follow our blog, we will waive the $40 match fee!

As for me, I decided that risk management wasn’t my higher calling. I quit my job, assembled a team of bad-ass friend matchmakers, and am helping people find their Cary, Kimberly, Collin, Vince, Julie, Becky, and Calvin.